About Us

AutoMotion is a vintage auto restoration shop and more. Owners Ron Leibrock, Chris Turner, and crew strive to build quality automobiles stressing fit finish and detail utilizing honesty, creativity and craftsmanship. We work hard everyday to produce a vehicle you can enjoy for years to come.

 Ron Leibrock-Painter-Designer (Owner)

Ron started working on cars in a custom body shop at age 14 and hasn't stopped or slowed down for 30 years. Working at Jegs High Performance in the chassis shop opened his eyes to the fabrication world as well as body, paint, and suspension design. When rapid prototyping emerged he shifted his focus to the creation of new products once again broadening his skill level for building one off parts. His love of vintage corvettes and skills in fiberglass repair have made Automotion Design the preferred shop for any corvette owner. Ron loves period 50's customs and vehicles, high horse power vehicles.

 Chris "Tank" Turner-Fabrication (Owner)

Chris has always had a love for speed and automobiles. Over the years he has become gifted in the building of E.F.I, Forced Induction and Exhaust systems. His involvement in the hot rod and customs gave him a platform to showcase his fabrication skills and has elevated him to be a leader in his field. "Tank" is a welder who takes pride in every part he creates. Chris loves vintage Nissan and Datsun cars.

 Tim Harbert- Mechanic & Suspension

Tim first started working on cars with his uncle (an engine builder) on a 55 Chevy Drag car in the late 60's early 70's. This gave him a love of engines that continues to this day. At age 13 he was helping his neighbor build an awesome 27 Ford Tall T. He admired the car for years and he eventually purchased the car which he still owns to this day. Tims has had a very diverse career working as a body man, alignment shop tech and as a mechanic. He also built a late model truck chassis for the Nascar Truck Series and has a few record holders under his belt. Tim loves 60's drag cars and hot rods.

 Kenny Carr-Body & Paint

A designer at heart and a painter by trade, Kenny has 28 plus experience in the industry, specializing in but not limited to kandys and flake style paint work. He had 6 years in painting INDY, INDY Lights and super touring race cars for Tasman Motor Sports. Most of his years have been spent as a body and chassis designer and fabricator. He took some time in the early 2000's to do some prototype work for a subsidiary of Honda. Kenny is into 60's impalas and 20's-30's street rods.